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How to choose Sex Toys for Couples

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Let's be clear, as a couple we may need to spice things up, and that's why sex toys for couples are out there If lately your

Sex Toys for Men

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You may have heard of a cock ring or even seen its shape, but you don't understand what it was created for. A Cock Ring

Sex Guides

Anal Sex, Pleasure or Not?

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Many people enjoy anal sex – straight, gay, bisexual. It is the type of sexual activity revolving around the idea of pleasuring of the anal

Sexual Wellness

How Sex Toys can Help You and Your Partner

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Adult toys have increased in popularity over the past decade. Research suggests that the taboos surrounding vibrators and other tools aimed at improving individual or

How To Have Amazing Lockdown Sex

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Being on lockdown due to a pandemic is certainly not what any of us had in mind when 2020 started. Along with orders to stay