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Better Sex with your partner is not like Movies

When the majority mention sex they mean intercourse, which is, of course, an integral element of sex. However, there are some ways to be sexual, intercourse is just one of the many. The essence of sex is giving and receiving pleasure-oriented touching, which has tender, sensual, playful, erotic, and intercourse bit. once it's “intercourse or nothing,” nothing eventually wins. Healthy sexual couples learn

How to Choose a Strap On

Strap-on harnesses are designed to carry a dildo upright and rigid against the pubic bone—much like an erect erectile organ. This allows you to penetrate your lover whereas your hands are free to drift. Though strap-ons have historically been fashionable within the lesbian and gay communities, they're quickly creating their

Dildo: how to choose it

So you have been thinking about taking sex toys into your life, and you have decided to buy one. Great! Now the question is: which one should I buy to start off? A dildo, of course! Dildos have been there since... forever How long have dildos been around? one hundred years? two