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Better Sex with your partner is not like Movies

When the majority mention sex they mean intercourse, which is, of course, an integral element of sex. However, there are some ways to be sexual, intercourse is just one of the many. The essence of sex is giving and receiving pleasure-oriented touching, which has tender, sensual, playful, erotic, and intercourse bit. once it’s “intercourse or nothing,” nothing eventually wins.

Healthy sexual couples learn to value a variety of emotional and physical ways in which to attach and reconnect so as to keep up significant, satisfying sexuality. The conception of non-demand pleasuring is especially valuable for older couples. However, learning this method in your twenties or thirties can inoculate you against sexual issues as you age. Non-demand pleasuring affirms the worth of every non-intercourse bit dimension— warm, sensual, playful, and erotic—which helps maintain affiliation and promotes sharing yourself and your body. bit counts, whether or not it eventually return to intercourse or not. touch is a request to share pleasure, not a requirement for intercourse.

The thought of sensual and sexual choices helps break the standard male–female power struggle regarding sex. Typically, the person emphasizes intercourse and views bit as “foreplay,” that makes the girl feel pressured instead of invited and ambivalent regarding initiating bit unless she desires to “go all the manner.” thus each enjoyable bit and intercourse frequency are lost. With non-demand pleasuring and acceptance of sensual and sexual choices, you have got a “win–win” scenario that helps facilitate each pleasure-oriented touching and intercourse.

How to have Better Sex

Better Sex is not every day

Contrary to media sexual performance myths to have sex twelve months a year or guarantee multi-orgasmic response each time, the typical frequency of intercourse is once or doubly per week, with the conventional varying from once each fortnight to three times per week. therefore with intercourse or nothing, there’s a comparatively very little sensual or sexual bit. In truth, couple satisfaction would be higher with daily pleasant bit and intercourse 2 or 3 times a week.

Enhancing sexual satisfaction may be a process requiring time, energy, and focus. reckoning on what you’re doing and feeling, your level of sexual interest and energy can vary. this is often traditional, not a proof of a sexual downside. though you’re in bed along with your lover, together with his or her body ironed tightly against you, you will or might not feel physical attraction. As you concentrate on the potential discrepancy between your mate’s interest and your own, it’s of crucial importance to recollect that you just have choices. Sex isn’t influence struggle of “intercourse or nothing”


One of the foremost common reasons for sexual power struggles is that the concept that “sex” means Academy Award–Winning intercourse performance. In fact, sex typically doesn’t involve intercourse the least bit, and generally, it involves just “good enough” intercourse—better for one partner than the opposite.

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