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Erogenous Zones for Men

We’ve seen the best erogenous zones for women. What about men? They have them too! Let’s find out!

Because a male’s genital organs are external guys tend to be self-proclaimed specialists on their own sexual anatomy. Let’s simply see what you guys really know, you’ll be surprised.


The most sensitive part of the member, the glans (“head”) contains the best range of nerve endings, making it terribly the same as the erectile organ in ladies. At rock bottom edge of the anatomical structure is the frenulum, that connects the anatomical structure to the shaft, and has several nerve endings that turn out pleasure for men throughout touching.


This is often the organ that produces the ejaculatory fluid, that later mixes with spermatozoon to create ejaculate. It’s situated below the bladder and behind the pubis, and might be stirred through the arse. A pleasure centre in men, several will climax from direct prostate stimulation.


Extending from the rear of the scrotum to the front of the arse, the area is commonly overlooked as an area that deserves exploration. Additionally called the ‘taint.’

The Best Erogenous Zones for Men


It’s created from 2 sections of spongy animal tissue and blood vessels, and a 3rd section that extends to the tip of the member. To make an erection, these tissues fill with blood.


This is often wherever testosterone and sperm cells are made. Settled within the scrotum (“sack”), these 2 organs are best handled finely, although some men notice light stretching or tugging to be pleasant.


The arse incorporates a high concentration of nerve endings and might evoke important pleasure for men. whereas some men contemplate anal stimulation to be unnatural or solely okay for girls, others discover it will give several new sensations and orgasms.


A man’s nipples will be equally as sensitive as a woman’s, and lots of men get pleasure from light suck, stroke or pinching from their partners.

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