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How To Get Ready for Self-Stimulation

Self-Stimulation is a great thing, for sure. And getting ready for it is even more important.

Either if you’re going to use Sex Toys on your own, or with your partner for an unforgettable moment together, here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare the “stage” to get maximum pleasure and drive you to the moon and back.

Self-Stimulation, easy tips and tricks

Turn off your phone, mobile or any device. Accent your surroundings to make simply the correct ambience. And make sure to collect any visual and sexual aids or anything that can stimulate your fantasy.

Select the music to match your mood: slow and romantic for attractive and sensual; upbeat for pump-it-up action. If you don’t want to be interrupted by adverts on the radio, just use a CD or your favourite Spotify playlist, so you don’t get any interruptions.

Self-Stimulation, scented Candles can stimulate the smell

Candles can be a great way to add romance to your fun session. A scented candle is even better, as your smell will be stimulated with you. Also, if you can, dim the light, or change them accordingly. Red or purple are one of the best choices to ignite your passion.

Remember the temperature as well: a warmer room can be spice thing up, but a cooler environment can give you more sensitivity. It’s up to you.

Self-Stimulation, final words

Just a few more tips: don’t limit yourself to bed or couch. Have you ever tried to stimulate in the shower or the bathtub?

A bit of lubrication can get things stellar, too.

For those who have kids, make sure they’re sleeping! A normal Mum I had a Nightmare could ruin everything!

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