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How Sex Toys can Help You and Your Partner

Adult toys have increased in popularity over the past decade. Research suggests that the taboos surrounding vibrators and other tools aimed at improving individual or shared satisfaction dissolve as more individuals (and couples) enter a much more intimate technology level.

Improving physical satisfaction inevitably enhances sexual pleasure. Yet how does the use of sex toys impact the pleasure both partners derive from their relationship overall? Some novel research into the prevalence and demographics of the use of sex toys sheds light on this problem — and the findings indicate that pleasure in bed and pleasure in a relationship can differ slightly for partners depending on their gender.

Why Do Individuals Use Sex Toys?

For many different reasons, all sorts of people want to use sex toys. Sex toys are also used by consumers to help them masturbate. People can also use sex toys with their partners during intercourse.

Many sex toys can help reinforce your gender identity or help alleviate gender dysphoria for transsexual, non-binary, or gender non-conforming people.

Sex toys may also help relieve the symptoms of other conditions, such as erectile dysfunction, genital arousal disorder, sexual hypoactive disorder and orgasm disorder.

Types of Adult Items

Vibrators (aka vibes, personal massagers)

Items vibrating (continuously moving / buzzing) to stimulate the genitals; Using vibrators to stimulate their clitoris and other parts of their vulva and vagina, they’re among the most popular items.

Anal Toys

Anal toys are made exclusively for stimulating your anus and/or moving through it. And it’s very important that every toy you insert in your anus has a flared base (meaning it’s wider at the bottom) or some other way to get the toy out, so it can’t accidentally slide all the way in. When a sex toy goes inside your butt all the way, it might get trapped and you would need to go to the hospital to get it out.


Some of these gentle tubes do have suction, or vibration. There are also strokers particularly in the hormone therapy for intersex or transgenders, especially designed for a larger clitoris or smaller penis.

Penis rings

The safest penis rings are made from smooth, lightweight materials that you can quickly remove with snaps, including silicone, rubber or leather. Some penis rings have little vibrators on them so you and/or your partner can be stimulated. And if you have a bleeding condition or are on blood thinning drugs, speak to the nurse or doctor before you use penis rings.


Penis pumps will help you get an erection but they won’t permanently make your penis bigger. Make sure that you obey the boxes directions, and don’t pump for longer than the instructions say. Please speak to the doctor if you have a blood condition or are on blood-thinning medicine before using a pump.

Ben Wa Balls

These balls will help you practice tone-in exercises and enhance your Kegel muscles. Usually the Kegel balls are weighted in such a way that you need to pinch your vagina to keep it in.

Harnesses (Aka belts, or strap-on harnesses)

Restraints that help you simulate a real penetration with a dildo, or other sex toy.

How Can I Use Sex Toys safely?

When you’re done using the sex toys, disinfect them with mild soap and water until they touch another person’s genitals.

Putting condoms on sex toys will help keep them clean and prevent STDs from spreading. Only make sure you change the condoms before the toy hits the genitals of another user.

When you use a sex toy in your anus, make sure that you are using plenty of lube. The anus doesn’t lubricate itself (get wet) the way a vagina does, so it can be painful, unpleasant and even dangerous to put something in your anus without adding lube. And never bring a sex toy into a vagina that was in an anus without first cleaning it or changing the condom.

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When you place a sex toy inside your body (mouth, vagina, or anus), it’s safer to choose one made from body-safe, non-porous material — like 100% silicone, hard plastic, stainless steel , titanium, and break-resistant glass. Toys made from materials that are not porous do not contain germs and are easier to keep clean.

Read the notes that come with it, and remember to clean and take care of your sex toy.

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