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How to choose Sex Toys for Couples

Let’s be clear, as a couple we may need to spice things up, and that’s why sex toys for couples are out there

If lately your couple sex life and your partner feels bland, maybe you need a new atmosphere when making love. No need to go all the way to a romantic place, you and your partner can create new challenges and pleasures in the room with sex toys. Sex Toys For Couples are tools that support the intimacy of a partner during sex. However, using sex toys when making love also has its own rules. If not careful, there are risks that lurk you and your partner. To make love stay safe with sex toys, follow these simple tips

Sex Toys for Couples

What you can use

1. Vibrator

Vibrators are one of the most common and must-have sex toys for couples who want to try sex toys. Its use can be for women, men, and couples who are having sex. The vibration produced by this tool will give certain stimulation to the vagina and penis. Sometimes a vibrator is also used to stimulate a woman’s clitoris or male testicles when penetrating.

2. Blindfold and hand binder

For the sensation of hotter sex, you and your partner can try to play the role. One will use an eye patch and his hands will be tied to the end of the bed or the like. Meanwhile, his partner will act as a dominating figure. He will provide a variety of unexpected stimuli that cannot be rejected by a couple whose hands are tied and their eyes closed.

Sex Toys For Couples can help spice things up

3. Feather or tickler

For couples who are not accustomed to using Couple sex Toys, tickling toys may be the right start. You can try synthetic fur that is used to tempt sensitive areas of your partner.

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4. Erection ring

This ring is usually used when you and your partner penetrate into the missionary position (male above). The ring will be attached to the base of the penis. When penetrated, the end of the ring will produce vibrations in the woman’s clitoris or G-spot. However, this ring can also be used when masturbating alone.

5. Couple Vibrators

This type of vibrator can be used in various ways for couple sex. The most common way to use it is to insert a smaller tip into the vagina, about up to 3 centimeters deep. The tip of the larger one will provide stimulation to the clitoris. Then, the penis that penetrates the vagina will also receive vibrations from the small end of the We-vibe in the vagina.

Another way to use this sex toy is to wrap it around the penis. You and your partner can wear it like using a sex ring during couple sex or as a male masturbation aid. Women can also use We-vibe when masturbating. This is one of the most useful Couple sex Toys.

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