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How to start Oral Sex for him and her

Every partner should ideally have safe oral sex. This aims to prevent venereal disease and hinder your sexual life.

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) says that the rate of spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as genital herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea spread rapidly through unsafe oral sex.

Dr. Peter Greenhouse, a sexual health consultant for the NHS in the UK also said that the spread of gonorrhea is increasing rapidly because the disease is drug resistant. General medicine is no longer effective in eradicating gonorrhea bacteria. This bacterium will remain in the throat and in the mouth due to many couples not having safe oral sex or blowjob.

In fact, it’s not just genital herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis that are easily spread through oral sex. Other venereal diseases such as HIV, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, genital warts, and pubic lice can also be transmitted through oral sex.

Safe fellatio sex can begin with proper discussion and invitation with a partner. It is better if the invitation and prevention of venereal disease through sex down there is done when you and your partner have started to be more intimate.

Then how to invite couples to have fellatio safely, without making it offended or uncomfortable? Take a peek at the tips here.

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How To Have Oral Sex

1. Try starting with questions

Before starting your hot session, make sure you are both honest and open about each other’s sexual history. Ask important things like, “Have you had sex before?”

Some people may not realise that they have symptoms of venereal disease. Because the symptoms of venereal disease are often ignored and viruses can land on your body for years without severe symptoms.

2. Prevent together

If you and your partner are declared free of viruses or bacteria that cause venereal disease, start a discussion about how to prevent it. There are several steps you can take, for example using condoms for safe oral sex.

How To Have Oral Sex – Don’t blame each other

If later you or your partner are affected by a disease, it’s good not to blame each other. The reason is, most people do not know that they’re contracting or transmitting the disease to other people. You should focus on care, treatment, and lifestyle that can overcome venereal disease.

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