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Introducing Sex Toys in Your Life

Using Sex Toys? Here are the benefits of using them!

Sex Toys… Excuse me, What?

Today, women are no longer burned or banished, but many of us are still shamed for openly exploring our sexuality. We’re still called sluts, whores, sinners, and many other names for choosing to have a liberal attitude towards sex. The stigma persists and there still are things that, even in this day and age, we cannot be candid about.

Like sex toys.

People’s attitude towards sex has become more and more open and tolerant through the years, but to this day, sex toys remain to be rather hush-hush, both as a topic and as commodity. Conversations about them are still not common and can be awkward, and as products, they can only be found in specialty shops and online outlets, unlike condoms that can be bought at the nearest 7-11 store.

It’s this inaccessibility, and the fact that sex toys continue to be associated with shameful behavior, that’s causing so many of us to miss out on the their benefits.
But the brave and adventurous among us who dared to give sex toys a try are now reaping the rewards. Sex toys have enhanced and sped up our orgasms, spiced up our sex life, and boosted our relationship with our partners.

We too are experiencing improvements in our wellbeing. Using sex toys have helped us overcome our inhibitions and become more comfortable with our bodies. This self-confidence has allowed us to explore our own sexuality further and reach higher degrees of satisfaction. Studies show that women who masturbate and use sex toys have higher self-esteem and lower stress level.

Want to buy a Sex Toy?

Sex toys have also been beneficial to our health

They’ve helped us relieve headaches and other bodily pains by enhancing our orgasm, which trigger the release of endorphins that stimulate pleasure and block pain at the same time.

Vibrators have been proven to help alleviate painful vulval conditions in women. And they can be used as substitute to medical dilators in the treatment of vaginismus, a disorder wherein the vagina involuntarily contracts during penetration. Sex toys can also aid women who have just given birth. Or those who have undergone surgery by keeping the vaginal tissues flexible and promoting blood flow to the area, expediting recovery and healing.

The benefits far outnumber the drawbacks as far are sex toys are concerned. If you’re planning to join (you should!) the millions of happier, more satisfied women all over the world, here are some tips to help you introduce sex toys into your life and have better sex experience.

Know What’s Best For You

Whether you’ll be using it alone or with your partner, learn more about sex toys from the tons of information available on the Internet before making a decision. Sift through different websites and carefully read the product descriptions. Give extra attention to feedbacks from actual users, as they often give more personal and more accurate reviews on how products really perform.

Talk About It

Like how most things should be in a relationship, introducing sex toys into your life with your partner has to be a consensual decision. As much as possible. Avoid buying one and then broaching it unceremoniously when you’re already in bed. Your partner may not like the idea. And they may be offended by the fact that you did not consult them first. Or worse, they may feel pressured into giving in to your desire. The person you share your bed with has to enjoy using a sex toy, rather than agreeing to it out of duty or obligation. If your partner rejects the idea at first, don’t force it on them. Be patient, there’s always a better time to talk things out.

If you’re planning to use sex toys on your own, try to find somebody you trust. Like a female friend or family who openly admits to using them. And talk about your intention. Politely ask her to share her own experience, especially when she was just starting. While you may find it embarrassing at first, the best and most candid information that you can possibly get about sex toys is from an actual user you’re familiar with.

Start Slowly, Start Small

As you begin to further explore your sexuality and get to know yourself more, it is best to go slowly and start with small sex toys. Simple items like lubricants or arousal gels can be a good starter pack if you’re feeling shy or nervous about introducing sex toys into your life.

Once you’ve grown more comfortable with your own body and the idea of using sex toys, you can move on to using dildos and vibrators. Some sex experts often suggest bullet type vibrators to first time users as they are small but offer vigorous vibratory stimulation. For easier and more comfortable penetration and also for clitoral stimulation, slim vibrators are also highly recommended.

As your confidence and control over your own sexuality increase, your choice of sex toys will also become bolder. From the simple starter pack of lubes and blindfolds, you will find yourself exploring quirkier, more exciting options like strap-on dildos, butt plugs, anal beads and a whole lot more. The choices are many and the possibilities for pleasure are boundless, all you’ve got to do is try.

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