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Sex Lubricants, how to get the most out of them?

If you’ve never tried a sex lubricant (“lube”), or haven’t used the slippery stuff for a bit, you should consider using them. Lubricants assist you enhance your sexual ecstasy without any risk—and they cost very little.

Whether you’re self-pleasuring, employing a toy, or partaking in wild intercourse, lubrication will increase your sensitivity by making smoother, slipperier surfaces where you decide on to use it.

When you use a Sex Lubricant on sex toys, they become safer and easier to use. On your lover, you’ll discover a brand new level of ecstasy. And on your own sensitive zones, you’ll end up on the ceiling!

A Sex Lubricant can help you experience new ways to enjoy sex

Sex Lubricant #1 – Water-Based Lubes

Similar to the texture of natural vaginal fluids, you’ll notice water-based sex lubes in an exceeding style of consistencies, from liquid to jelly. Liquid varieties are ideal for well-rounded play, whereas jellies tend to own additional lasting power for extended encounters. However, they will not last long enough for anal pleasure. Water-based lubes are ideal to use with condoms. There are flavoured varieties to be used throughout oral sex. Water-based lubes rarely irritate, and wash simply out of sheets, bedspreads and car upholstery! Toy clean-up is simple, too. And as for you, it’s a simple wash-off with a wet washing cloth.

Sex Lubricant #2 – Silicone Lubricants

A super-slippery lubricate, silicone lasts and lasts for extended friction-free fun. This makes it ideal for anal play. Because it doesn’t break down in water, it can be used under the shower or in the bathtub too. Be careful, though, as your shower or tub surfaces may become slippery. make sure to use cautiously and finish off completely.

Remember not to use a Silicone Sex Lubricant on Silicone Sex Toys, it can damage your toy, and you’ll end up throwing it away. For Silicone Sex Toys, use a Water-Based Lube or simply use a condom.

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