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Sex Toys for Men

You may have heard of a cock ring or even seen its shape, but you don’t understand what it was created for. A Cock Ring is just one of many Sex Toys available for Men,

Well, every sex aid is certainly created with the function and purpose. And for this sex accessory, here is what you need to know as taken from expert. These are the benefits you get from each type of sex toys for men.

There are Many Kinds of Sex Toys For Men

Prostate massager: Helps hold erections much longer

Even if you have problems with your erection, be aware that the device whose function is to hold blood in the shaft of the penis, says Dr. Brian Steixner, M.D., head of urology at Atlanticare Regional Medical Center, can help you with this problem.

Prostate massager: Can reduce the intensity of orgasm

Some penis ring users claim that this aid can slow down ejaculation by compressing the area around the base of the penis and testicles and slowing down the acceleration of ejaculation. A prostate massager can help you delay the orgasm, and multiply your pleasure too, with the help of the prostate stimulator.

Vibrating vaginas: Increase self confidence

Difficulty in maintaining an erection can damage your confidence in front of your partner. A vibrating vagina, says therapist Chris Donaghue, Ph.D., can help overcome the anxiety that is often plagued by men with sexual performance problems.

Cock rings: Help satisfy a female partner

As is known, not all are able to feel orgasms from sex penetration, clitoral stimulation and other parts are said to be very effective to help them achieve it. With this tool, especially the penis ring that can vibrate and help stimulate certain sensitive areas, and help them achieve orgasm more easily.

There's a great Choice of Sex Toys For Men

Tips for using sex toys safely

If you and your partner want to add hot spices when making love, be careful when using sex toys. So that you avoid the various risks of using sex toys, consider the following tips.

• Choose sex toys that say “Phthalate-Free”

• Buy sex toys from a trusted and reputable manufacturer

• Always use a condom during sexual activities with sex toys to prevent transmission of venereal disease. Remember also to immediately replace a new condom after ejaculation or penetration

• Wash your sex toys after use with soap and hot water

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• It is best to avoid using the same sex toys interchangeably, wash and clean them first if they have to be used interchangeably

• Avoid sex that is too harsh or vulnerable sex positions when using sex toys (unless you and your partner really want to try sex that is quite challenging)

So, now you can use your sex toys (vibrating vaginas, cock ring, or even prostate massager) safely without worry.

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