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Sex Toys, how the Market is changing

For millennials, people masturbate to fill the biological need of lust and sexual desire.

Masturbation occurs when somebody cannot find a sexual mate to have sexual intercourse. A need is a need. It has got to be fulfilled. Otherwise, somebody will suffer for some period of time sometimes weeks. Regarding this phenomenon, some geniuses created a thing which is called a sex toy. Hence, people can play with it to reach self-orgasm.

Sex Toys for Men

In general, sex toys have many kinds of form. For men, they can have an artificial vagina or even more. There are many forms of an artificial vagina in the inner part. All of them function to make men ejaculate and reach orgasm by themselves. Mostly, these kinds of sex toys are made of silicon, jelly silicon or latex, steel, glass, TPE, TPR.

Sex Toys can be used as a couple too

Sex Toys for Women

Women have a lot more varieties of sex toys. Unlike men, woman genital has more sexual nerves than men’s. Plainly, women get sexually satisfied by an artificial penis, spiky condoms and some vibrators for the clitoris. Most of the tools are made of TPE/TPR. While the artificial penis is made of silicon or stainless steel or glass. Clitoris vibrators are commonly made of plastic or Jelly Silicone.

Getting self-pleasure with sex toys is a must for the sake of a healthy body and mind. The sexual needs are related to hormones and psychology. Every year, the quality and forms of sex toys are upgraded.

In this modern era, sex machines or dolls are created. The doll is very similar to real girl. It has artificial vibrating vagina, anus, mouth for blowjob and sound of woman moan. It reacts like real girl who is having sex with a man. It is made of high-grade silicon. Some people consider it inexpensive. However, it’s really worth it. The doll is easy to use and to clean up. In fact, the demand towards this sophisticated sexual doll pumps up like crazy.

But, remember: Sex Toys can be used as a Couple! It actually spice things up!

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