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Solo Sex during Lockdown – How and Why

Here’s an email we received from one of our customers, who experienced solo sex during lockdown, so quite recently. For privacy reasons, we are not going to publish any name, but we decided to publish it as we think it gives some good ideas to our readers. Published as we received it:

I am an ordinary woman and I have never thought I would experience lack of having good quality sex.

Don’t get me wrong I am not a fashion model but still I know I am attractive and sexy. Being locked down the chances for sexual interaction the straight old-fashioned way are less than ever.

No pubs to go out for a drink and meet with my sexual partner. Even that partner got scared and refused to turn up and come and visit me.

So the longer the lockdown continued the more I started thinking of
alternative way of pleasing myself.

Solo Sex during Lockdown - How and Why

The solution: Solo Sex during Lockdown

Looking for something new, I could experience nice solo sex I came up to the decision that a sex toy could do the job. Of course, internet is an endless source of information and the more I read the more I felt lost.

I decided to “Better learn how to walk before I run” and started looking for a vibrator for beginners.

Yes plenty of choice, different sizes, shapes, colours for me it was important to be simple but powerful and multispeed, and to get it in a discrete way, nosy neighbours are always there to monitor.

And while googling for the right vibrator for me, there it was. 8 inch, pink vibrator on No doubt I found my sex toy, all I have been looking for, in a pink, silicone 8” vibrator, simple to use but powerful with programs I can change and start with a slow one going as I want and when I want faster.

I can have my solo sex, it was absolutely discreet delivery and very fast, and I can enjoy my new toy.

The conclusion

Yes, perfect. I feel back to my sexual life and on top I can enjoy my multispeed vibrator different rooms in the house but in the garden as well (when dark of course).

I can have my orgasms absolute sexual satisfaction many times during the day and night.

Vibrators are a great source of pleasure and Gifts For Adults have plenty to choose from. I think that not long to go and I will start looking for sex machines and other sex toys to give myself sexual pleasure with good quality even the fact that the lock down is going on.

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